8 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer

Are you feeling nervous about hiring a personal injury lawyer?

It is difficult to imagine you may need an attorney until dire and traumatic circumstances occur. Unfortunately, waiting for an urgent matter to arise before hiring a lawyer can place victims in the position of not only losing their case, but they may end up owing damages, as well.

Victims of traffic accidents of any size or severity will benefit from legal advice. If you are uncertain about seeking legal counsel, consider these eight signs of when to hire a personal injury attorney.


1. You Did Not Immediately File a Claim

One of the most significant challenges of a personal injury claim is the demands on your time. These stressors can feel like an undue burden when you have medical appointments to attend or family members that need help.

Furthermore, you do not have much time to start a lawsuit. The Judicial Branch of California says the statute of limitations is two years from when you suffered the injury. This restriction is notable since victims need time to gather evidence and organize their cases.


2. Significant Injuries Were Suffered

Medical research suggests the long-term effects of traumatic injuries can be challenging to measure. For example, you could wake up years after a car accident to discover a new physical or mental complication.

A clinical study from 2016 puts the seriousness of these concerns into perspective. They estimate 21% to 57% of occupants in car accidents suffer a long-term disability or other health problems.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer allows you to keep any lifelong issues in consideration. They can protect the quality of your care by ensuring you can afford to pay for future treatments that may become necessary.


3. Liability Is Under Dispute

You may have supreme confidence that you did nothing wrong. Regardless, the reality is that defendants in a personal injury lawsuit have incentives to prove otherwise.

California legislation makes it necessary for courts to use comparable negligence. In other words, you may share accountability for the personal injuries in question. The more fault the defense can place on you, the less they will have to pay.

However, California uses pure comparative negligence for its legal doctrine. As a result, even if you are 99% at fault for the incident, you can receive some compensation. Other states do not allow for this level of flexibility.


4. The Insurance Company Is Being Uncooperative

While they may be polite and prompt at first, insurance adjusters have specific goals they need to achieve. In their ideal world, they will offer you a small settlement that you will agree to quickly and without fuss. Once they realize that will not happen, they may give you an ultimatum and become uncooperative.

Reaching this point in negotiations can make you feel backed into a corner. Insurance companies want you to start feeling the financial pressure and cave into their demands. But you do not have to accept an offer that doesn’t meet your needs.


5. Personal Injury Case Involves Multiple Parties

A personal injury case with multiple parties can get complicated quickly. Moreover, your interests can receive less attention when they mix with overall concerns.

To illustrate, consider a situation that involves four-passenger car drivers and a commercial truck. An accident like this one already has several individuals competing for the compensation they deserve. Additionally,  several parties can be responsible for the injuries caused by a semi.

Interstate commerce usually involves the participation of three types of businesses. The trucking organization, drivers, and loading companies can share liability.


6. Help Receiving Medical Care Is Needed

Doctors have a responsibility to shareholders that demands the highest return possible in the short term. Waiting on insurance payments to arrive after treating car accident victims does not help them achieve this goal.

The unfortunate result of this dynamic is you can run into resistance when you seek medical care. This reality is particularly harsh when you need specialized care to improve your condition.

Personal injury attorneys, especially those that handle car accidents, have many professional contacts. Your lawyer can connect you with health providers that are ready, willing, and able to help while your case moves forward.


7. Out of Work Because of Your Injuries

No matter how much paid leave you may have, there is a reasonable chance it will not be enough. Recovering from catastrophic injuries can take weeks, months, or even years.

This dramatic impact on your finances can require an attorney to protect your best interests. Many insurance companies have limits on the length of time they will cover your lost wages. Therefore, you may need legal help to secure income while you suffer from chronic conditions.


8. Your Personal Injury Involves the Government

Suing local, state, or federal governments for personal injuries has more roadblocks than other cases. A few of the concerns specific to this situation include the following:

  • A shorter statute of limitations
  • Extensive and time-consuming claims processes
  • Laws that protect government employees from personal liability
  • Requirements to participate in lengthy mediation sessions
  • Legislation that limits the damages you can receive

These challenges should not discourage you from pursuing the compensation you deserve. There are instances where victims of negligence by the government received millions of dollars.


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Did you notice a connection between your circumstances and the content of this article?

Several themes run through these eight indications you need a personal injury lawyer. Your time to act is short, the financial impact is substantial, and legal expertise is crucial to your success.

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